CORE Calgary

The CORE in downtown Calgary is near completion of it’s multi-million dollar redesign. The space is covered by the world’s largest point-supported structural glass skylight at 85-foot-wide (26 m), 656-foot-long (200 m). I had the chance to shoot it in March 2010 with the permission of 20Vic Properties. If you haven’t visited the CORE lately, this skylight lives up to the hype and in the middle of winter it’s a great place to get some sun without having to bundle up in a parka.

DSC_0455 copy.jpgDSC_0468.jpgDSC_0480.jpgDSC_0490.jpgDSC_0499.jpgDSC_0508.jpgDSC_0531.jpgDSC_0535.jpgDSC_0545.jpgDSC_0549.jpgDSC_0555.jpgDSC_0559.jpg